Are you looking for a place to live in the buzzing city of Berlin? Have you ever heard about Treptow? It’s one of the coolest neighborhoods that this German metropolis has to offer! Dive into this article and find out why Treptow with its world famous Treptower Park should be your top pick when choosing where to stay in Berlin.


Treptow is located in southeast Berlin and used to be an independent town before it was incorporated into the city. Since then, it has become one of the most sought-after residential areas for locals and newcomers alike. Within its borders, there are lots of parks, museums, restaurants and cafes – all within easy reach!

Berlin’s Coolest Neighborhood

Treptow is often referred to as the “hipster” district of Berlin due to its trendy stores and bars. And don’t worry if you’re not into that vibe – there are plenty other things going on here too! With some of the best clubs and cultural events around, there’s something for everyone in Treptow. You’d truly be missing out if you weren’t living here.

Easy Accessibility

Living in Treptow means having access to all parts of Berlin quickly and easily. The area has many bus stops as well as several S-Bahn stations which take you directly into Berlin’s inner city centre. Plus, getting to other cities across Germany is also a breeze thanks to the nearby airports Schönefeld and Tegel! All these options make staying connected with friends or family outside the city easier than ever before!  

Berlin’s Rich Culture & History

On top of everything else, what makes living in Treptow truly special is its culture and history. This beautiful neighborhood still stands proud after having survived several wars – from World War II through Cold War era East Germany – with much more left behind besides just ruins. Visit old churches like St Peter’s Church or muse over stories at one of many memorials like Stolpersteine – they reminded us not only about their past but also our own present day lives when returned home safely after visiting them. Inspiring stuff!  

Green Spaces Galore – More than just Treptower Park

Last but not least. Berlin-Treptow is not only home to the Treptower Park. It is home to an abundance of other green spaces like Müggelsee lake or Plänterwald adventure park where kids can get their fill playing around outdoors! But even if water sports or playgrounds aren’t really your thing – no worries – jogging paths can always be found inside these lush parks. Those who want some alone time while getting fit at same time still have space.

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